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May 2021

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The Story of ARC Relocation

ARC Relocation is an established company with a long time track record in the corporate relocation real estate niche. As such, they work with HR professionals to create relocation policies for their employees, and then help facilitate the home sales and purchases of those employees when they are moving.


Although they already had close to 2 decades of experience in their industry and a well-established Rolodex of referral business, ARC lacked the kind of web presence that they wanted to be able to have.

  • They weren’t showing up in the search engines for the most relevant and lucrative search terms, and site traffic could’ve been much higher.
  • Additionally, there were several thin, duplicate and “back of house” admin pages that were live on their site, causing a watered-down page authority and some issues with linking and user experience. 
  • In total, the ARC website ranked for approximately 1,500 keywords and total organic traffic to their site was around 2,000 visits a month (see below).  

Strategies Used

Notwithstanding a few challenges, ARC understood the value of building an authoritative digital footprint that could fill their pipeline with new traffic and leads from Google. We began working together in May of 2021.

  • Keyword focused content creation. Using our own processes and industry-leading SEO software, we identified highly relevant topics that prospective clients were searching, and then built out a portfolio of in depth guides and resource pages that Google began to rank highly. 
  • In depth competitor research. By carefully surveying ARC’s closest competitors, we identified opportunities for them to either match or outrank their competition on specific search terms.
  • Content rehabilitation. In cases where there were pages that were thin or duplicate, we helped ARC identify where they could to rehab and breathe new life into their existing content, updating articles for timeliness, combining and pruning duplicates, and more.
  • Internal linking. Rather than haphazardly linking to random pages around their site, we crafted a plan to prioritize the most important guides and service pages, and then built authority signals to those pages by systematically linking to those pages throughout the site. 
  • Authority link building. With a narrow focus on relevancy, links to ARC’s site were built with opportunities around guest publishing, resource page inclusion, and other “white hat” methods from reputable sites.

Where They Are Now

At time of publishing, we have worked together for a little over a year, and the results have been dramatic. 

Here’s a look at both their keyword and organic traffic growth:

Keywords: Then and Now

The number of keywords that ARC Relocation ranks for has increased from 1,531 to 4,067 (166%). 

ARC Relocation Case Study - Agent SEO-1

Traffic from Google: Then and Now

The number of organic visits to their website has increased from 2,053 a month to 11,930 a month. 

ARC Relocation Real Estate SEO - Agent SEO

How Much is this Traffic Worth?

This metric measures the cost that it would take to buy the same number of visits to your website if you were paying for PPC ads (per Ahrefs). Or in other words, this is how much you’re saving every single month, because you’ve invested in setting up your site to rank well in Google.

While working together, the dollar value of organic traffic to ARC Relocation increased from $3,421 a month to $38,219 a month (1,017% increase).

ARC Relocation Traffic Value

Next Steps

Agent SEO continues to monitor all the technical aspects and build out the suite of high-ranking content.

The team at ARC Relocation is now focusing on improving lead intake forms, website design/functionality, and streamlining offline business operations, while continuing to deliver their best in class relocation services for organizations and individuals all over the globe. 

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